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Is your facility in compliance with new NFPA 652 Standard Requirements for Dust Collector Systems starting September 7th? 

In September of 2020, a new NFPA Standard will take place regarding Combustible Dust. We wanted to make sure your facility is up to date with the latest industry news. This update will include what the new requirement states and what it means to your facility.

What We Know About NFPA 652

What the New Requirement States - Owner/Operator must complete a Dust Hazard Analysis

The Owner/Operator is now responsible for determining whether the materials being processed in their facility are combustible or explosible through a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) which must be completed within the guidelines of NFPA 652 Chapter 7. The DHA must be performed by a qualified party and all results documented. This DHA applies to existing and new processes as well as facility upgrades. As stated, "Owner/Operator must complete DHA reports by September 7, 2020."

What We'd Recommend

  • If you haven't had a DHA yet and may have combustible dust, schedule one before 9/7/2020.

  • If DHA report finds that there is enough combustible dust in air that is harmful, a dust collector may be needed.

Need Assistance finding a Qualified DHA Team or Dust Collector for your facility? We Can Help!

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