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Clean Air Solutions to Keep Your Facility Safe
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COVID-19 has reshaped our Air Ventilation industry and we wanted to provide solutions for facilities to feel more comfortable with operating safely while maintaining their production efficiency. These solutions will help keep clean air ventilating throughout your facility and mitigate the chance for the virus to spread.

Air Filtration

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UV Radiation

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Bipolar Ionization

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Air Scrubber Unit

Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Using MERV-13 or HEPA filters is a very cost efficient and effective way to catch any contagion, including COVID-19, passing through them from the air. These higher rated filters are more efficient at removing contagion than traditional filters and can usually be installed easily.



MERV or HEPA Filter

UV Radiation

UV Radiation

UV-C has been used effectively for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria. It has been shown to destroy the virus when it is directly exposed to UV-C Light.


There are many different UV-C Light options out there that can be installed right into your HVAC system.


UV-C Lights in HVAC


Bipolar Ionization

A Bipolar Ionizer is an air purifying device that installs in any duct air conditioning system. Ions produced by the system reduce pathogens in the air that passes.


This air purifying device has been shown to be very effective by producing particles that inactivate any virus passing it.


Bipolar Ionizer

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Air Scrub Unit

Air Scrubber Unit

Iso-Aire is an Air Scrubber unit that completely cleans your facility's air of contaminants and will help keep you contagion free. It helps eliminate 99.99% of potentially harmful particulates by combining all 3 of the above: HEPA filtration, bipolar ionization, and UVC sterilization all within the Air Unit. This technology is proven to completely clean the air, making it safe to operate in your business.


Iso-Aire can be installed as a complete stand-alone Unit or into your HVAC system.


ISO-Aire Clean Air Technology

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